Float (1976) is a Rotterdam based artist

Written by Jeroen Bouweriks for the exhibition Finding engine.

Playing hide and seek (the interaction with it's audience)
Just lift
the lock
It is nodding
her head
Bend that shovel
Backwards Bill
Can shopping trolleys
Actually spin?
The audio siren
The TV just got
Sacked by white noise
The orange
bike messenger box
ignores tins of
energy drink
The steering wheel
Paddled the bike
A wrong turn
treasure hunt
On a local street
In Charlois
Unrevealed & unravelled
One grabs, his hand friendly
To assemble

relevant education:
Bachelor, Willem de Kooning academie: fine art & design teacher, 2019
Bachelor, Willem de Kooning academie: autonomous fine art, 2015
MBO-3, VEV electrical engineering, EMSI, 1999

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installation: the last suffer